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Competent People

Fringe benefits

The fringe benefit are extensive, covering health, education, and leisure

    • To provide to employees with no house a loan necessary for purchase or lease of a house and allow single employees to live in the company dormitory

    • To provide to all employees yearly general
      health checkups and employees at the age of
      equal to or more than 40 yearly special health
      checkups, respectively, at the company

    • To establish inside foreign language course for all employees and provide a master’s course and doctor’s course to capable people at the company expense/ To pay for school expenses for children of all employees who attend a junior school a high school and a university

    • To adopt the 5-days-a-week working system to encourage leisure activities with family members and provide to all employees the membership card for using a condominium at the company expense.
      To encourage all employees to participate in several inside social meeting and pay for expenses associated with the inside social meetings
  • MEAL

    • To provide breakfast lunch and dinner to all employees at the company cafeteria at the company expense

    • To provide a special leave along with prescribed amount of money to all employees who experience a pleasant or sorrowful event as stipulated in the company rules