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Camera Module Equipment

Auto Focus Tester

The tester inspects foreign objects and
bonding work to fix the lens after lens focusing.
  • Test Categories : DC Test, Camera Module Auto Focusing,
    Image Test (Inspection of Foreign Objects),
    Lens Bonding & UV Curing

Final Inspection Equipment

It simultaneously tests inspection of functionality,
resolution and images for each unit in 1 to 4 areas.
  • Test Categories
    1~2 port : DC Test, RGB Calibration, Image Test Chart
    Resolution Test (Standard, Macro)
    4port : DC Test, Image Test, Chart Resolution Test
    (Standard, Macro)

Housing Attach Equipment

The equipment spreads epoxy on the PCB and
bond Camera housing through high precision
bonding technique. It also hardens them
with heat after Camera Housing Bonding.
  • High UPH
  • High inspection quality
  • Easy model change
  • Customizing support

OIS Calibration Shaker

It is a device applying specific vibration to OIS camera
modules to adjust the movement of gyro sensors
and actuator. It identifies the adequacy of OIS
functions as well.
  • Functions: Standard Chart Test, OIS Calibration,
    Moving Chart