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TEST Equipment

Mobile Display Test Board

It is an essential test board to outputs MIPI DIS signals
(Mobile Display Standard) and operates Mobile
Display Module.
  • FPGA Type Test Board
  • Bridge IC Type Test Board
  • Reliability Test Board

Mobile Display Tester

The equipments for testing quality of mobile
display module.
  • In-Cell Touch Test
  • MIPI Display Test
  • Optical Image Test

Parametric Test Equipment

It supports parallel tests up to 4 . As a result, it more
quickly verifies the electrical properties of the wafers.
  • World class wafer property testing
  • The equipment consists of 4 sub-frames.
    Each sub-frame operates independently
  • SMUs available for installation up to 32
  • Guarded switching matrix measurement pins supported
    (48 to 104 pins)
  • Available for use in combination of various external
    measuring devices

Parameter Analyzer

It tests electrical properties of the semiconductor
elements and analyze the properties of the world class
fA semiconductor elements.
  • Measuring performance available for the properties of the world
    class fA semiconductor elements
  • Easy and simple PC based on user function
  • A variety of selections depending on performance or price